P.E. Absence Procedures Q&A

Frequently asked Questions:

My child was absent. What should they do upon returning to class?

Your student needs to find out if there was a workout on the day or days they were absent If so, they’ll need to arrange with their teacher to run a mile in order to make up the missed workout. If student was out due to a medical excuse on file with the attendance office, missed workouts will be excused.

What's the difference between a parent note and a doctor's note?

In short, a doctor's note is from a physician or doctor which will excuse a student from participation and from having to make up any physical workouts for the duration of their injury/illness. A parent note allows a student to receive a modification work-out on the day the note is written (anything over 3 days the student will need to be seen by a doctor). Ex. Injury to foot student may be given sit-ups or arm work-out.

I sent a note excusing my child from PE/ATHLETICS participation. Why have they lost credit?

A parent note excuses a student from participating in the work-out that day but they will receive a modified work-out to replace the grade. However, should a workout take place that is much more extraneous, students must make up the missed points from the workout on a day when they are healthier.

My child is returning to school, but isn't well enough to participate in PE/ATHLETICS. What do I do?

Send a signed doctor's note stating the nature and duration of their limitation. If the child was not seen by a doctor the parent can send a note describing the illness and coaches/nurse on campus will modify the work-out for the day.

My child missed a workout. What do they do upon returning?

The student needs to arrange a time with their teacher to run a mile to make up missed workout credit. The student needs to check in with the teacher prior to making up the work out. If student is out due to medical this workout will be excused.

If my child forgets their Athletic clothes what should they do?

Athletes are expected to keep an extra work-out outfit (school dress-code applies) in their locker at all times. If an athlete does not have anything they can wear then they will sit out of the work-out that day and receive a “0”. 2 points will be taken off for an athlete who forgets their uniform but still has a change of clothes to wear.

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