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this website will be updated as more information becomes available

Online School Supply Sales Flyer - Online sale will end on July 6th. Supplies purchased on or before July 6th will be delivered to the school and will not have a shipping charge added. A school messenger will be sent out to let you know how you can pick your supplies up. There will be a short period of time after July 6th to purchase supplies but there will be an added shipping fee and the supplies will be shipped to your home.

Copy paper and tissues will not be included in the supply kits. The copy paper and tissues will be sent to the school to be distributed to the clinic and the copy room. 

2021 - 2022 Anthony MS School Supply List - Combined list for all grades. This list is helpful if you would like to puchase your own supplies or to see what will be included in the pre-packaged supply packets from the online sale above. Parents who purchase supplies separately have the option to substitute other brands for those listed.

PE Uniforms - At this time we do not know if PE uniforms will be required next school year.

Athletic Uniforms - The link will be provided here to purchase uniforms soon.



2020 - 2021 Anthony MS School Supply List - Combined list for all grades. 


PE Uniforms - Due to COVid-19 we currently are not selling pe uniforms


Athletic Uniforms

 Athletic uniforms are offered for a limited time each year. The sale is closed for now.


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